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Pillar takes the pain out of New Product Viability Studies with our professional business Plan Model. The Pillar Model was developed over 13 years and is assumptions driven. Once the assumptions are keyed into the model, the following outcomes are calculated and projected automatically:

  • 5 Year Unit and Value Forecast
  • 5 Year Profit and Loss Account in Local and Foreign Currency
  • Potential Write-Offs to be considered if applicable
  • Summary of the assumptions considered to generate the Business Plan
  • Full record of all costs between Dossier Acquisition through to launch
  • Go / No Go Indicator
  • Full tracking of changes as market dynamics and client assumptions are updated

Pillar Licenses the software to clients and train Client Staff to use the software. Software updates are included in the licensing agreement as well as continued client support.


Local (In South Africa)

  • Out Licensing of Dossiers
  • Sale of Dossiers
  • Pillar will find a suitable party for your duplicate and/or dormant dossiers


  • In Licensing of New Molecules to Pharma Companies in South Africa
  • Products across a broad range of Therapeutic Classes
  • Pillar is an authorised Dossier Agency for numerous Global Dossier Vendors


Take the pain out of a Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain Team Meeting, often for a full day ending up with doubtful results. Pillar employs sophisticated forecasting software to provide clients with results that can be trusted. Our clients provide us a simple excel sheet reflecting 12 months of sales by Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). We then feed this information into our software package and return the sames excel sheet to our clients within 48 business hours after receipt. Save time and allow your team to focus on what they do best at a fraction of their forecast meeting cost. We offer this service on a fixed 6 month trial basis and extend the agreement only if our clients are happy with the results. Clients need to review our forecast to adjust for relevant SKUs as follows:

  • Where increased promotion and advertising campaigns are planned during the forecast period, such SKU forecasts can be adjusted upwards manually. 
  • Where promotion and advertising campaigns are planned to be withdrawn during the forecast period, such SKU forecasts can be adjusted downwards manually.
  • Where the SKU history is affected by out of stock during the history provided, such SKU forecasts can be adjusted upwards manually.

– Contracted Monthly Service
– Sophisticated Statistical Models
– Forecast 6-12 Months
– 48-Hour Turnaround Time


Pillar offers a full package of marketing services including:

  • Positioning
  • Differentiation
  • Strategy
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Advertising & Promotional Materials
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Annual Product Marketing Expense Planning  
  • Expense Control Systems


Review of Contracts to ensure that client is not compromised in agreements:

  • New Product Agreements
  • Current Product Agreement reviews to advise client as per clients brief on best strategy in line with client needs
  • Agreements where the client wants to exit the agreement
  • Marketing and Distribution Agreements
  • Review by Legal Experts if required

We suggest that you engage with us to share examples of our experience:

  • Optimise agreements in favour of Client
  • Ensure that Client does not enter into potentially detrimental agreements


  • Study Product portfolio to identify candidates for discontinuation
  • List potential candidates for discontinuation in a separate file
  • Offer these products for sale our out licensing


  • Company Acquisitions
  • Conduct studies to Identify Companies to Target for Acquisition
  • Conduct Overlap Studies to avoid duplication of products in new combined entity
  • Advise which overlap products from single entities to carry forward in new combined entity
  • Advise which overlap products from single entities to discontinue or sell in new combined entity
  • Assistance to approach Target Companies for acquisition
  • Presentation of Non-bing Purchase Offer and Final Purchase Offer to Target Companies
  • Assistance to merge and restructure new combined entity


  • Assumptions Driven Automated Model
  • 5 Year Forecast with P&L by Product
  • Incorporates Potential Products write-offs to consolidate profitability
  • Go/No Go decision based on individual Company Parameters
  • On the spot updates to changes in assumptions
  • Automated tracking of changes to Business Cases and Assumptions made when market dynamics changes demand review and updates to BCs


Expert Facilitation and Courses in:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Dynamics
  • Change Management
  • Executive and Management Coaching



Expert Assistance with:

  • Consultations
  • Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings
  • Drafting of warnings, Employment Contracts, Agreements, P&P’s
  • Wage Negotiations
  • Union Meetings
  • Representation at CCMA / Bargaining Council
  • Training on Employment Legislation
  • BBBEE Assistance
  • Retrenchment – Drafting of documents and facilitation
  • Labour Court Drafting of Documentation and appearance in Court 



Extensive Range of Corporate Gifts

  • Customised by Client
  • Customised by Product
  • Special Design and Production according to brief where required.
  • One Stop Service